Sustainability & Responsibility

In our sustainability reporting, we comply with the 2016 GRI Standards version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines including the most recent updates from 2018, 2019 and 2020.

We prepare our Sustainability Report in accordance with the “Comprehensive” reporting option of the GRI standards and thus fully account for all material topics. As an active member of the Global Compact, we adhere to its universal principles for responsible corporate management as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We actively contribute to achieving the SDGs along our value chains, from the generation of raw materials and product development to customer relationships.

Our sustainable efforts occur on three key levels: responsible sourcing; climate protection and emission reduction; and responsible use of raw materials. Because we have significant influence over these three areas and thus bear particular responsibility for them, they are the focus of this chapter. Sustainable partnerships and dialogue with our stakeholders are a main starting point and a motivation for us. With this in mind, the following pages present several of our internal and external partners and their perspectives on our key topics.

We have integrated all other quantitative and qualitative information on sustainability at Symrise, our strategic approach, and the management concepts associated with our key topics into our Sustainability Record in line with GRI. We thus fulfill the requirements of the German CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG) in accordance with Section 289b (3) of the German Commercial Code (HGB). All information has been externally audited in accordance with the AA1000 Assurance Standard.

Publications on sustainability 2021


Focus Corporate Report

  • Integrated corporate strategy
  • Central non-financial management key figures
  • An overview of sustainability management
  • Key topics and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Sustainability rankings and ratings
Corporate Report

Focus GRI sustainability Record

  • All key figures and information are in accordance with the GRI standards
  • Non-financial report pursuant to Section 289b (3) of the German Commercial Code (HGB)
  • Progress report for the Global Compact
  • TCFD Index with references in the CDP questionnaire
  • SASB Index on reporting requirements covered
  • Explanation of the EU taxonomy
Sustainability Record

All company and GRI reports as well as all sustainability guidelines and standards are available for download on our website:

Symrise sustainability approach

There you will also find the 2021 CDP questionnaires on the climate, water and forests.

2021 Highlights

New partnerships in 2021

Joining and signing the following new initiatives, commitments and collaborative alliances

  • Business Declaration for Food Systems Transformation
  • 10x20x30 Food Loss and Waste Initiative
  • AIM-Progress
  • The French Business Climate Pledge
  • UN Race to Zero & Exponential Roadmap Initiative

70 %

of our suppliers1 integrate water into their strategies and long-term business targets.

36 %

reduction of our Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions between 2016 and 2020.

83.6 %

of our strategic biological raw materials derived from sustainable sources.

SBT 1.5 °C

The Science Based Target Initiative approves Symrise’s target with the highest level of ambition currently possible.

Share of our suppliers defined as strategic in the reporting year who took part in the CDP Supply Chain program.