Highly rated

Just like previous years, Symrise’s sustainability strategy and the measures developed from it won several awards in 2023. An overview of external ratings and rankings shows where the company achieved particular success during the past fiscal year.


BSB Innovation Awards

Three awards in the cosmetics sector

Symrise won three of the highly respected European BSB Innovation Awards in 2023. All awards were given to sustainable, natural and renewable cosmetic ingredients, an area that serves as a testament to the ingenuity of Symrise. SymProt’inTM Oat, a biotechnologically produced, more environmentally friendly ingredient for hair repair, won first place in the category Natural Products/­Raw Materials/­Actives. SymEffectTM UV, which increases the effectiveness of organic and mineral UV filters, finished second in the category Cosmetics/Raw Materials/Functionality and Recipients. SupervisomeTM EPH, a completely bio-based ingredient that produces a radiant complexion, ranked third in the category Cosmetics/Raw Materials/Actives.


Sustainable Future Award 2023

Commitment to sustainability

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, Chief Executive Officer of Symrise, and Bernhard Kott, Head of Communications and Sustainability, were presented with the Sustainable Future Award 2023 given by the F.A.Z.-Institut and Cision Germany. The jury praised both executives’ commitment to sustainability, the integration of the company’s sustainability strategy into the entire value chain and the company’s transparent communications style. The award is based on a multi-year analysis of media reporting that is conducted by Cision, a media analysis firm that evaluates the credibility of management communications.



Among the top 10 % once again

Like the previous year, Symrise received prime status “B –” in the ESG ranking compiled by the leading international ratings agency ISS. ESG stands for “environment, social and governance.” As a result, the company ranked among the top 10 % of companies in its industry once again. Approximately 10,000 companies, most of which are listed on stock exchanges, are included in the rankings.



Highest grade for Symrise

Two top “A” grades in the categories of climate and water and a good “A –” in the forest category: Symrise has earned a top position once again on the annual sustainability ratings issued by CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project). In 2023, the nonprofit organization evaluated a record number of 21,000 companies, a 24 % increase over the previous year. Just a few companies received top grades like Symrise, which met the high standards once again and continued the string of high CDP ratings awarded in past years.


MSCI ESG ratings

Rating raised to A A

Since 2015, the leading sustainability ratings agency MSCI has annually placed Symrise in the A category, a rating awarded to companies with above-average sustainability performance. The company has now been elevated to the A A category, a position that places it among the leaders in its industry. The provider of closely followed sustainability stock indexes ranks Symrise among the top 19 % in its industry.



Improvement of the “low” risk score

With a “low” risk score of 18.83 points, Symrise improved the ranking given by the sustainability rating agency Sustainalytics. The agency evaluates companies around the world on the basis of which risks their environmental, social and corporate governance activities pose. Symrise now ranks 21 of 576 in the chemical sector and, thus, among the top 4 % in its industry.

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