Symrise products provide exciting flavor and fragrance experiences, improve food characteristics, and contribute to the health and well-being of consumers in more than 150 countries around the world. A dedicated focus on our customers, a high level of innovation and targeted ex­pansion into new markets represent the basis for our sustainable, profitable growth.

Symrise develops, produces and sells fragrance, flavoring and food ingredients, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials as well as functional ingredients and solutions that enhance the sensory properties and nutrition of various products. Our company’s approximately 30,000 products are mainly produced on the basis of natural raw materials like vanilla, citrus fruits, onions, fish, meat, blossoms and plant materials. Our flavors, substances, perfume oils and sensory solutions are often central functional components for our customers’ end products. These customers include manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics and foods, the pharmaceutical industry and producers of nutritional supplements, pet food and baby food.

Our company’s origins go back to the year 1874. Symrise has since grown to achieve a current market share of 10 % – making it one of the leading suppliers of flavors and fragrances as well as nutrition in the global market. A high level of innovation and creativity, an exact knowledge of customer needs and various regional consumer preferences as well as targeted expansion into new and pro­mising market segments contribute to our company’s above-average growth rate. Today, Symrise has around 10,000 employees working at more than 100 sites around the world who serve over 6,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

Symrise’s growth is primarily organic. We reinforce the expansion of our business activities with targeted investments in capacity expansions, research and deve­lopment centers, our distribution network, logistics and an efficient energy supply. For years, this has enabled us to grow more quickly than the market. We com­plement this growth by acquiring attractive companies that bring additional competencies into the Group and provide us with access to new market segments and customer groups. We also enter into strategic partnerships to develop new products.

The operating activities of the Symrise Group are managed in three segments: Flavor, Nutrition and Scent & Care. The divisions within these segments are organized according to business units and regions.

The Group’s Corporate Center is located in Holzminden, Germany. Key corporate functions such as governance and control, communications and administration are located there. Symrise has regional headquarters in France (Rennes), the United States (Teterboro, New Jersey), Brazil (São Paulo) and Singapore.

The following pages will show you how we create value. Here, we distinguish be­tween five dimensions: business, footprint, innovation, sourcing and care.

  • Business stands for our economic ambitions.
  • Footprint stands for our ecological footprint.
  • Innovation stands for resource-friendly and business-enhancing effects.
  • Sourcing stands for sustainable raw material sourcing.
  • Care describes the creation of value for employees and local communities.

We want to increase the positive impact of our actions and continue to reduce any negative effects even further.



products for over 6,000 customers, in more than 150 countries



€ mill.

Number of employees:


(including trainees and apprentices)

Expenses for research and development


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Our Application ­Areas

Scent, taste, nutrition, well-being and good looks – Symrise provides sustainable solutions using natural base materials for all of these needs. That is our mission.

With commitment and innovative strength, we de­velop the best possible concepts for our customers’ products. We do this so consumers around the world can take pleasure in the most common experiences of everyday life and additionally benefit from healthy or nurturing properties. Using in­genuity and entrepreneurial energy, Symrise opens up further potential above and beyond our core work. A third of our business is already generated with cosmetic active ingredients and raw mate­rials, functional ingredients, pet food, aqua­cul­tures and probiotics. Our wide range of activities offers new chances for growth, stabilizes per­for­mance and provides Symrise with an unmistakable profile.


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Our Values, Goals, Responsibility

At Symrise, shared values form the basis for shared goals: We strive for economic success and, at the same time, embrace our responsibility to the environment, our em­ployees and society.

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Sustainability at Symrise

Sustainability is an integral component of the Symrise business model and corporate strategy.

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Our Goal: Climate-positive starting in 2030

The business activities of Symrise will contribute to preventing or sequestering more greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere than we produce through our operating activities.

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2020 Track Record and 2025 Goals

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Highlights 2020

Highlights in 2020

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Editorial of the Global ­Management ­Committee

Increasing the value of the company and solidifying its future prospects are the key pillars that define our strategy at Symrise. For us, economic success and sustainability go hand in hand.

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